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Group Exercise Schedule - Raleigh

Group Exercise Classes on Raleigh Campus

Healthworks’ Raleigh Campus Group Exercise Program provides safe, effective, and fun exercise in a group setting. Our experienced and certified instructors teach a wide range of classes meant for a variety of populations.

Cost: $40 for 10 classes; pre-registration and payment are required

Printable Schedule


Healthworks Class Descriptions:


  • A class devoted to bodyweight conditioning for the entire body


  • A workout to challenge your agility, strength, speed, & endurance

Cardio Circuit

  • A workout with varying aerobic activities with quick movement from one exercise to the next


  • Cardio-based workout alternating with strength training segments

Crunch Time

  • A workout focusing on the abdominals and core

Cycle Circuit

  • A workout that incorporates cycling, strength, & stabilization intervals

Cycle & Core

  • A class that combines a cycling workout with core strengthening

Cycle & Strength

  • A class that combines a cycling workout with total body strength


  • A cardio workout that combines punching and kicking to improve strength, muscle tone, and endurance

Line Dancing

  • A class that gets your heart pumping and your body moving to popular dance songs


  • A high-intensity class designed to maximize caloric expenditure during and after your workout

Perfect 10

  • A high-intensity class that rotates through 10 exercises

Resistance Yoga

  • A mind-body class that implements resistance training equipment

Sit & Get Fit

  • A chair-level class that incorporates Zumba, Yoga, and Weights


  • A cardio workout utilizing the step

Step & Sculpt

  • A class that alternates step aerobics with strength training


  • Improve your strength and tone up with this easy to follow class for your entire body

Strength & Stretch

  • A class combining 15 minutes of strengthening & 15 minutes of stretching


  • A class that alternates quick bursts of high-intensity work with short rest periods

Total Body Blast

  • A class that incorporates intervals of cardio, strength, and core, and ends with a relaxation segment


  • A mind-body workout that tones the body, improves flexibility, and builds core strength

Yoga Blend

  • A workout incorporating multiple yoga types to improve strength and flexibility


  • Effective calorie burning, easy to follow, Latin-inspired dance fitness program


  • A class that includes 15 minutes each of cardio, strength, and stretching to start the day

3, 2, 1

  • A class that alternates 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength, and 1 minute of core

Things to remember for Group Exercise Classes:

  • No sign-ups are necessary for class participation
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early for equipment setup and an on-time start
  • Please bring water and a towel
  • Classes are 45 minutes, unless otherwise indicated
  • Classes and instructors are subject to change

For more information, please call Healthworks at 919-350-7043.