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Adult Health Care

Our physicians specialize in adult health care, which includes a vast array of medical services designed to keep adults feeling well and in control of their health. From preventive care and wellness to the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of hundreds of injuries, illnesses and chronic health conditions, we understand the importance of keeping the entire family healthy.

Wellness and Preventive Care
Focusing on wellness as an integral component of adult health care is the best way to prevent illness and injury, keeping you and your body in good health. Taking care of yourself also allows you to take better care of your family and loved ones. As experts in adult medicine, our physicians can help you develop a path to health and wellness through annual physical exams, screenings and vaccines while also focusing on nutrition, weight management and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Annual Physical Exam: We recommend our patients receive a comprehensive physical exam once a year. Our adult healthcare physical exam begins an open discussion of your overall health history, followed by a review of immunizations to ensure you are up to date on all vaccines. We'll perform routine blood tests and an overall review of each of your body systems to ensure everything is working properly. Finally, depending on your age and gender, it is likely that we may refer you to an outpatient imaging center or other specialists for further testing such as bone density testing, mammography services, colonoscopy and/or prostate exams. When performed regularly, an annual physical exam can help identify any potential health concerns before they escalate.
  • Lifestyle Management: Nutrition and stress can play an integral role in adult health care. Managing stress and eating healthy foods can help prevent numerous chronic health problems. Our providers can provide personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all based on your health history and risk factors.

Chronic Disease Management
In adult medicine, we see many common chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and asthma. If not properly managed, these chronic conditions can be debilitating. Our providers can help with the treatment and management of chronic diseases, including:

  • Diabetes Management: Managing diabetes is a lifelong process. Our team of providers will monitor your blood glucose levels and work closely with you to keep your diabetes in control. Diabetes management includes: blood glucose testing, oral medication, diet, insulin and exercise.
  • High blood pressure management (hypertension): If you suffer from hypertension, our providers can help you develop a comprehensive high blood pressure management plan to get back on track. Taking into consideration your overall health, risk factors and other indicators, we may recommend a combination of medical therapy and lifestyle changes such as modifying your diet, exercise or other habits such as tobacco use and sodium intake. The main goal of hypertension management is to lower high blood pressure to protect the heart and kidneys from damage.
  • High Cholesterol: Understanding HDL, LDL and triglycerides can get overwhelming without proper guidance from a physician. Let us take the mystery out of managing your cholesterol.

Our team at can help with ongoing chronic disease management and the treatment of these and many other adult healthcare conditions.


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