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Nutrition Education

What's the Big Deal About Breakfast?  Trying to get your body and mind going on an empty stomach is like trying to start a car without any gas! 

Managing Your Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a fat-like substance needed for good health.

Circuit Workouts: Looking for ways to make your workout creative and fun? These indoor and outdoor circuit workouts will take you through some tough intervals that will make your heart rate soar yet make it easy to build exercise into your daily life. No gym or fitness center required!

Fiber: Are You Getting Enough? Foods high in fiber are usually low in calories and fat while packed with vitamins and minerals that help you grow healthy and strong!

meal proportions

Goal Setting: What would we like to change about our health habits?

Healthy Grocery Shopping: One of the keys to being successful in changing your eating habits is to change your grocery shopping habits.

Managing High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is when your blood presses too hard against the walls of your blood vessels. High blood pressure rarely produces symptoms, but over time, it can cause serious health problems.

Mindful Eating: Use the hunger scale to rate your hunger and determine when you have reached your ideal fullness.

Nutrition Facts: Knowing how to read a food label can help you make the healthiest choice.

Portion Plate: What should your plate and a serving size look like?