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Mobile Critical Care

WakeMed Mobile Critical Care ServicesWakeMed's Mobile Critical Care Services provides hospital-to-hospital transport for critically ill patients in support of our Level I Trauma Center, Heart CenterChildren's Emergency Departments and Emergency Response.

From ground and air transport to disaster preparedness and response, our team of highly trained professionals stands ready to serve at a moment's notice.

One of the state's busiest inter-facility transport services, WakeMed's comprehensive Critical Care Services includes and impressive fleet of vehicles and transports an average of 600 critically ill patients each month.

A Basic Life Support (BLS) division that transports non-emergent patients complements our Critical Care transport division. Whether the patient is being discharged from WakeMed to home or being transported to an offsite doctor's appointment, specialty medical treatment or skilled nursing facility, our highly trained staff is available to meet your needs.

In addition, Mobile Critical Care Services play a critical role in WakeMed's disaster readiness efforts, providing disaster scene assistance, providing patient care and support where it's needed the most. Our fleet of emergency response vehicles is complete with dedicated disaster response vehicles and specially trained disaster response personnel.