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Heart Health Education & Resources

Taking care of your heart requires you to eat well, exercise regularly, understand your risk factors and manage your heart disease and diabetes.

In this section, you will find tools and resources to help you and your family do just that. When it comes to cardiac disease, prevention really is the best medicine.

Modifiable Risk Factors for Heart Disease:

Heart Health Education

At WakeMed we are committed to helping you become heart healthy. Please take advantage of these classes, programs and resources to help you and your family stay heart healthy.

Hands Only CPR

Be prepared for an emergency. Learn to save a life by learning hands only CPR.

  • Identify the warning signs and symptoms of heart attack
  • Know what to do when you or someone else is having a heart attack
  • Learn how to perform CPR
  • Know what to expect when you arrive at the hospital



online heart health assessment